What Is the Difference Between Tree Topping and Crown Reduction in Columbus, OH?

Does your property feature some very large trees that could use a bit of trimming? If so, it’s important to understand the difference between tree topping and crown reduction in Columbus, OH. These services are both available, but one offers a healthy tree trim while the other can cause damage to your trees.

Experienced arborists know the difference between these types of trimming and use only the best methods to enhance your trees. Here’s the scoop on these two methods of tree pruning in Columbus, OH.

Tree Topping

Tree topping involves the removal of large branches and entire canopies. This is done to decrease a tree’s height. The process leaves large exposed wounds on the tree and removes a large amount of foliage. With little foliage and unprotected wounds, the tree suffers. The tree must pull nutrients from its roots rather than its leaves, and its lifespan is cut short. Its health and shape will suffer.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction in Columbus, OH is also referred to as “drop-crotching.” Arborists using this method cut limbs in specific increments to protect the tree’s health and growth. The limbs are cut from the top canopy of the tree to reduce its height, but no more than 20 percent of the canopy is removed. Limbs are cut to the next lateral growth in careful increments to promote fast healing and continued tree health. This method prevents the tree from going into shock, which can happen with the harsh tree topping style of trimming.

Why Two Methods?

If tree topping is such a poor method of tree pruning in Columbus, OH, you may be wondering why anyone does it. The truth is, many property owners don’t realize the harm that tree topping can do to their trees. They aren’t aware of the danger and simply want to make their tree shorter or smaller. They may even think they are reducing the danger of a tall tree. However, due to the damage it can cause to the tree, this method actually increases the potential for danger.

The same is true for some tree trimming companies. Inexperienced businesses might not know about the benefits of crown reduction in Columbus, OH. The harsh truth is that not everyone with a chainsaw and some ropes is a qualified arborist. Some companies don’t have the knowledge and experience required to properly trim your trees. Before you hire someone, ask them what methods they use and how they will protect your tree from future damage. Their answers will help you determine if they are a company you want to partner with for your tree care.

Learn More

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