Tree Maintenance in Columbus, OH

J.D. Tree Service provides a variety of tree maintenance services to help you keep your trees in good health for many years to come. All trees need occasional trimming or pruning, and certain types of trees can benefit from other examples of tree maintenance as well. We deliver all maintenance services with precision, to ensure maximum benefit for your foliage.

We are pleased to work with a wide variety of commercial and residential clients in the Columbus area on an individual job or regular contract basis. Here’s a brief overview of the specific tree maintenance services available from our skilled team:

tree maintenance

tree pruning

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Proper tree trimming in Columbus, OH on a regular basis will improve the long-term health of your trees, as it will eliminate branches that are dying or already dead. These branches can be dangerous—especially if they become brittle and close to falling off—so it’s important to get them taken care of. Our expert tree trimmers can handle trimmings of trees of all sizes.

Weight Reduction

Pruning trees specifically for the purpose of weight reduction is one of the best ways to strengthen the structure of a tree and make it less susceptible to damage in storms and high winds.

Crown Reduction

Crown reductions can take a lot of stress off trees, especially where there are poor attachment points or defects. This is especially important for large trees, which can be under correspondingly larger amounts of stress.

Tree Inspections

It’s important to have semi-regular tree inspections in Columbus, OH, to ensure they are in good health and to confirm you are doing everything you can to guarantee they will continue to be in good health long into the future. A tree inspector can also help you determine if there are any tree services you should seek to improve their health.

Tree Planting in Columbus, OH

Having professional assistance when planting a tree can guarantee you plant the tree correctly and set it up for a long life of consistent growth and good health.

To learn more about the various tree maintenance services we offer, contact us today at 614-928-7394. We look forward to working with you and serving the needs of your trees!