The Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming in Columbus, OH

Owning property requires a lot of work and regular maintenance—especially if your property has big trees on it. But should you trim trees yourself? Here are some of the dangers of DIY tree trimming in Columbus, OH:

  • Falling from the ladder: In order to trim tall trees, you will need a ladder or step stool to get to out-of-reach branches and the bases of branches. Because of the need for a ladder, it’s very easy for homeowners to fall while trimming and break a bone. The risk of falling is even greater when limbs are higher up, as you can easily lose your footing on the steps of the ladder. A professional tree trimmer, on the other hand, is trained to use a cherry picker, a crane or a rope and pulley system to reach high limbs safely.
  • Damaging the tree: If you don’t know much about the species of tree that needs trimming or the proper way to trim, you could end up killing it. The best way to avoid doing permanent damage to your trees is to leave tree trimming maintenance to an experienced tree service company. The knowledge these tree experts possess helps them determine the proper way to handle trimming.
  • Destroying landscape design: Whether your yard has a beautifully manicured lawn and/or plants and decorations, you don’t want to let fallen branches ruin it. You have to know what you are doing before, during and after cutting a limb to avoid destroying your landscape design. Instead of risking damage, hire a tree trimming company! They will know how to secure a branch before cutting begins to ensure it gets lowered down slowly instead of dropping down hard onto your landscaping or grass.
  • Not having the right tools: If you don’t have the right tools and equipment to properly trim trees, you risk damaging them. In addition to using the wrong tools, you might also not own the right protective gear for yourself or have everything you need to ensure that larger tree limbs don’t come crashing down. Tree care professionals have all the right tools and gear to get the job done safely and efficiently.
  • Improper use of tools: You may have the right tools to trim your trees but not know how to use them correctly, which can be just as problematic and damaging as using the wrong types of tools for trimming. Tree professionals are trained to use tree trimming tools the right way to ensure the safety of people and property.
  • Injury from uncontrolled branch drops: You can get hurt when the branch you’re cutting is allowed to free-fall to the ground. This is especially the case with larger severed limbs that are not secured by a rope and pulley system. Leave this task to the pros, as they have experience controlling cut limbs and other tree parts.

When you need tree trimming in Columbus, OH, make sure your first call is to the professionals at J.D. Tree Service!