Stump Removal/Grinding

Few things on your property are less pleasant to the eye than a deteriorating tree stump. What’s more, a tree stump can serve as a tripping hazard and add an unneeded level of difficulty when mowing your lawn. As such, it’s wise to have a tree stump professionally removed from your property.

Professional Tree Stump Removal

J.D. Tree Service offers stump removal and grinding services in Columbus, Ohio. For over 14 years, we have helped home and business owners safely remove stumps from their properties, leaving their lawns more aesthetically pleasing in the process.

We provide both stump removal and stump grinding services; let’s look at the differences between them below.

Tree Stump Removal Vs. Stump Grinding Services

Typically, tree stump removal requires a great deal of power tools as the tree stump is literally pulled from the ground.

Meanwhile, tree stump grinding uses a special machine to grind down the stump into minute woodchips. This process is done more easily than full tree removal, and some people use the chips for other purposes, such as for mulch.

Both options will rid your property of the unsightly tree stump, however, stump removal eliminates tree roots underground as well, while stump grinding does not, though the roots will inevitably decay.

With years of experience, our tree care specialists will let you know which option is best for your property. To learn more about the stump removal and grinding services we offer in Columbus, contact us at 614-928-7394.

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