Six Tips for Choosing the Right Tree Service Company in Columbus, OH

Looking for a tree service company is not always as simple as it seems—especially since there are so many to choose from. First, narrow down your search based on the type of tree service you need, then take a closer look at the experience, reputation and prices of a few local companies.

Here are six of the best tips for choosing the right tree service company in Columbus, OH:

  • Reputation: Whether you have big trees or small trees on your property, it’s important that you hire a tree service with a stellar reputation. A company that has a good reputation within the community will be reliable, provide excellent customer service and charge reasonable rates. Most importantly, a reputable tree service knows how to do the job right, from giving estimates to performing the service to cleaning up. Get recommendations from people you know, do your research and absolutely avoid companies that have a bad reputation.
  • Experience: While you want to hire a tree service company with many years of experience cutting down, trimming, planting and maintaining trees, how many years they’ve been in business shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. Are they knowledgeable? How skilled are their employees? Do they own the right tools and equipment for your type of tree project? Experience and preparedness means they are able to get the job done in a short amount of time and in a safe manner.
  • Professionalism: In addition to experience, the best tree companies are also highly professional. They treat their customers with respect, are up front about their services and prices, won’t change their bid halfway through a job and are careful not to damage your property.
  • Insurance: A professional tree service company will be properly insured, licensed and bonded and have worker’s compensation. If they aren’t, you could be liable for a worker’s injuries as the result of an accident during tree service. Hop online to ensure the company is covered and that their insurance is up to date.
  • Safety equipment: What are the company’s safety standards? Don’t be afraid to ask! Find out about the safety equipment and gear their employees use, as well as the steps they take in order to ensure the safety of the people on the ground and in the surrounding area.
  • Written quotes: If you are new to hiring people for home and yard maintenance jobs, you may not understand the importance of getting all agreements in writing. It’s easy to make a verbal agreement with a tree service company, but verbal agreements are not binding, meaning they could bill you for a lot more than you thought. And since verbal agreements are not binding, if you end up in a legal dispute with the company, these agreements hardly ever hold up in court. Once you receive a quote, get that price, a timeframe and any other agreements in writing, signed by the person in charge.

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