Five Reasons to Remove That Tree Stump

Deciding to have a dead tree removed tends to be an easy decision. Not only is a dying and diseased tree unattractive, but it can also have harmful effects on the rest of your yard. But have you thought about what to do with the tree stump after the offending tree has been removed? Leaving the stump behind is the easiest option. Unfortunately, the easiest path is not always the best choice. A lingering tree stump can detract from the overall appearance of your yard, and could even invite bugs and vermin to your property.

Here are five reasons to consider calling for tree stump removal in Columbus, OH:

  • Unattractive: Stumps certainly aren’t attractive. They don’t add anything to a yard other than a constant reminder of the tree that was once there. Anyone with any interest in their yard’s appearance will want to have a professional remove the stump immediately after the tree is cut down.
  • A home for pests: No one wants insects and vermin in or around their property. But a forgotten tree stump is practically a personal invitation for all of the unwanted pests to turn your yard into their full-time home. They will inhabit the stump before spreading to other trees, the rest of the yard and, eventually, the home. This is because the decaying tree stump has no defenses against any pests or diseases. Remove the stump immediately as a protective measure.
  • Safety hazard: A lingering stump is an accident just waiting to happen. A child running through the grass during a game of tag could seriously injure themselves by accidentally tripping over the stump. A neighbor making their way to the front door could break their leg by crashing into the stump unexpectedly. As the property owner, you could be liable for any medical bills. Remove the stump to eliminate an unnecessary hazard.
  • Nuisance: Yard work is already hard enough. Don’t make this household chore any more challenging by having to maneuver around a lingering tree stump while mowing the lawn or weeding. On top of that, your lawn mower could be seriously damaged if it were to collide with the stump while cutting the grass.
  • Future tree growth: Cutting down a tree and leaving the stump behind doesn’t necessarily put an end to the tree. The roots will continue to grow in the ground as long as the stump is still lodged in the soil. Over time, the roots could grow enough to cause serious damage to the rest of the yard and anything underground, such as the home foundation, sewer lines and roots of other trees and plants. The growing roots will continue to draw the valuable nutrients from the soil. Other trees, plants and grasses will suffer as a result.

It’s clear that tree stump removal in Columbus, OH is the best course of action after cutting down a tree. J.D. Tree Service is the perfect choice for tree removal, as we get rid of both the tree and the stump. Call us today for a free quote!