Top Ways to Care for Newly Planted Trees

October 5, 2018

You wanted to add beauty and shade to your property, so you planted trees. Now what? How can you ensure these plants thrive and grow into the beautiful trees you envision? This requires proper tree maintenance in Columbus, OH.

If you plan to do some tree planting in Columbus, OH or have recently added trees to your property, use the following tips. These simple steps will help your newly planted trees remain healthy and continue to enhance your property for decades to come.

Give It a Drink

Newly planted trees are thirsty trees. They are under stress as they adjust to their new environment. Give them the moisture they need to deal with this stress. For the first two weeks after tree planting in Columbus, OH, deeply water the tree every day. Continue to water it once a week for the rest of the first year. If you experience a hot, dry period, water it more frequently. Keep in mind that a plentiful rainfall counts as watering, too.

Mulch It

Mulch is ideal to help new trees retain moisture, keep weeds at bay and control the temperature of the soil. However, it’s important to mulch properly. Too much mulch can create fungal growth and cause disease. Apply two to four inches of organic mulch around the base of the tree, as far out as the tree’s leaves grow. Keep the mulch one to two inches away from the trunk to allow proper air circulation.

Stake It

Not all newly planted trees need to be staked. Most don’t. If your tree planting in Columbus, OH takes place in an open, windy area, you may need to stake the young tree. This will give it support while it establishes its root system.

Fertilize It

Many property owners wonder if they should fertilize newly planted trees. This depends on the type of fertilizer and the soil in which the tree is planted. If your yard’s soil is lacking in nutrients, fertilizer can help the young tree get a good start. If you fertilize, be sure to choose a product that is appropriate for newly planted trees and can be applied during the current season.

Let It Grow

If your tree experiences minor branch defects during or soon after planting, it’s okay to trim these away, but don’t prune trees for at least a year. Harsh tree maintenance in Columbus, OH during the middle of early growth can harm trees and stunt their future growth.

Learn More About Tree Maintenance in Columbus, OH

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