The Benefits of Tree Trimming in Columbus, OH

March 22, 2018

Most trees require at least some minimal level of trimming and pruning to ensure the protection of their long-term health. Sometimes this trimming can be done with a simple set of trimmers and no other equipment, but otherwise it requires more professional assistance.

There are several types of tree trimming, which require various levels of work and equipment. Fine pruning, for example, is the simple removing of small limbs to improve the appearance of the tree. Standard pruning is a bit more heavy-duty and involves improving the tree’s branch structure. There is also hazard trimming, which is specifically done to remove safety concerns, and crown reduction trimming, which involves removing major branches after dieback, storm damage or interference with power lines.

Regardless of the type of tree trimming you need, it is certain to have some benefits to the tree. Here are some examples of the biggest benefits of tree trimming in Columbus, OH:

  • Improved health: When performing tree trimming to eliminate dead or dying branches, you can ensure the long-term health of the tree and prevent decay. These dead branches can also pose some dangers to your family or property, as they could easily fall off and cause damage.
  • Improved structure: Regular trimming and pruning prevents trees from developing week or overly broad branches. It also keeps tree limbs from having weak crotches or from crossing over each other and competing for space.
  • Improved fruit crops: Strategic trimming and pruning of fruit trees can actually serve to bolster the quantity of the fruit during harvest, as well as the size of the individual fruits. There are some specific pruning strategies and methods used when pruning fruit trees to ensure the best possible yield. Most of the time, fruit trees are pruned in late winter to shape the tree and expose its center to sunlight as spring begins.
  • Increased exposure to air and sun: By trimming your trees, you will increase the sun exposure and air circulation throughout the entire tree and all of the landscaping and plants underneath it. This will improve the overall health of the tree. You just have to be on the lookout for sun scalding, which can occasionally affect leafless deciduous trees during the winter.
  • Improved aesthetics: Strategic tree trimming can help you open up your property and improve your view. It can also make the trees look better and enhance the curb appeal of your property.
  • Assistance for young trees: Newly planted trees should be pruned as well to compensate for the root loss they experience, and also to start training the tree for the shape you want it to take as it continues to grow.

Most tree trimming happens in the winter and summer, to encourage and slow growth (respectively). But depending on your tree trimming needs, you can benefit from the services of an arborist at any time of the year.

For more information about the benefits of tree trimming in Columbus, OH, contact JD Tree Service today.

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