How to Remove a Tree Stump by Hand

March 22, 2018

Despite what you might think, tree stump removal is actually a more difficult process than cutting down a tree—the latter is a relatively straightforward process, but the former requires a lot more steps and equipment. This is one of the reasons why you’ll often see old stumps left in people’s yards, even years after they’ve actually cut down the tree.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to get rid of a stump as soon as possible after you’ve cut down a tree. For one, they’re eyesores—they make it look like you as a property owner do not take care of your yard, especially once those stumps begin sprouting other plants and fungi. They also can be hazards, both for people as tripping hazards and for when you’re mowing your lawn. And of course, they take up valuable space on your property that you could use for grass or other plantings.

In general, stump removal in Columbus, OH is best accomplished by a professional, who can quickly come in and grind it out with the proper equipment. However, if you want to give it a shot yourself before calling in a pro, there are some ways you can remove the stump yourself. Keep in mind that this still requires you to have a certain amount of equipment, and a knowledge of how to use that equipment—ultimately, it will be more effective for you to call in a pro to tackle the job.

Here are the steps involved in the simplest type of stump removal.

  1. Using a chainsaw or limbing saw, remove any lower branches that are still sticking out of the trunk. Depending on the height of the trunk/stump on your property, this might not be an issue.
  2. Remove the top portion of the trunk, leaving just enough of it to use as leverage when removing it from the ground.
  3. Use a shovel, digging bar and pick mattock to reveal the roots around the entirety of the stump.
  4. Rinse away dirt to reveal more roots around the trunk.
  5. Cut away the major roots of the stump with an axe. Once the major roots have been cut, try pushing the trunk in any direction. Hopefully there should at least be some movement. If more roots are exposed during this movement, cut them with the axe as well. Continue this process until pushing the stump uproots it entirely.
  6. If the trunk will not budge after you have hacked away at the roots, wrap a chain around it and connect it to a pickup truck with four wheel drive. With the truck, alternate between slowly pulling forward and reversing to wiggle the truck. NEVER floor the accelerator—this is a great way to severely damage your vehicle.

This is just one method of stump removal in Columbus, OH. For more information about the steps we use and to talk to a professional about your stump removal job, contact the experts at JD Tree Service today.

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